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WARNING: This experience contains adult content. You must be 18 years old or older to proceed. All characters depicted are 18 years old or older.

Welcome to First Taste! a fantasy VR CGI experience run in unity. Think you can handle a succubus? Dive into virtual reality and see if you can satisfy Lilith’s lust! She might appear sweet at first, but cum inside her pussy and you might experience what it’s like to be dominated by a succubus as she drains your balls dry, grinding away on top or maybe she will use her huge tits to jack you off! Anything to get it all out of you!
Fully voice acted and over 20 minutes of VR lewdness. Have Lilith tease and whisper into your ear with an ASMR hand job voiced Oolay Tiger!

This is more a VR Video experience run in unity so site back and relax with your friend in hand ;) ! 

(Note the current version is VR headset and VR controller support only future builds will allow mouse and keyboard)

Min Spec: Recent Intel i5  / 16GB Ram / Nvidia GTX 970  / Windows 10

Device Support: Rift, Vive, Index

Subtitle supported in the following languages

  • English
  • Simple Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

If you like what you see why not check us out on patreon for 100s of the very best VR CGI videos! 

Now includes a separate Quest 2 build! (does not support quest 1)


Get this VR Experience and 10 more for $44.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this VR Experience you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FirstTasteV1.part01.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part02.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part03.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part04.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part05.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part06.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part07.rar 950 MB
FirstTasteV1.part08.rar 711 MB
Quest2 Build_1.5.part1.rar 950 MB
Quest2 Build_1.5.part2.rar 950 MB
Quest2 Build_1.5.part3.rar 950 MB
Quest2 Build_1.5.part4.rar 408 MB


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people are so dumb. the quest version it's just support quest but you need a pc still to booting it up💀

download error

Is there any video tutorial on how to install the videos on the quest 2? I dropped around 10$ and I’m stuck


This is just a VR video. For $10, that might be acceptable if the quality was higher. These are just low effort loop animations, and the play bar literally just stays on the screen and is super distracting. No clue how to make it go away. Save your money. God knows I'd like mine back. 

go out with all the money you earned. buy an index, and playtest your own game...


This game really is a disappointment and isn't worth the $10 I spent on it.

It's not even a VR game, it's a 360 degree non-interactive VR animation video.

If anyone is having a hard time trying to download this game Download it through itch.io website, not the itch.io app

For those looking for a way to sideload this game directly to your OQ2 without using your PC as a GP, visit this link and follow the directions on there TO THE LETTER. 

I was able to sideload the game this way.



why so many downloads not working for some games

Why it was removed from steam ?


How do I load this onto my Quest 2

i cant get the video to work, it is just blackness and the video menu, not playing anything.

any ideas?

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im trying to extract the second file (not Quest 2) but its saying the archive is either unknown or damaged. any fixes?

it wont dounlode il end and just not instal

can you be more specific? The files are currently on itch's servers so any download issues is not on our end and to do with their CDN network

I have the same issue, it will not install.
I tried just hitting the installer, and I also tried hitting the cogwheel and selecting individual parts but none of them do anything once the download seizes

I was having this problem, but I found that it worked when I used 7zip to extract them all at once, rather than one at a time.

Deleted 1 year ago

only quest 2 I'm afraid ! 

is there a video tutorial on how to install these videos on my quest 2? I dropped around 15$ and I’m just stuck

is there a video tutorial on how to install these videos on my quest 2? I dropped around 15$ and I’m just stuck

Not able to get part 4 of Quest2 Build to extract. Gives me the "needs permissions from previous volume" error. 

Please assist.

Extracted parts 1 and 2 of Quest 2 build but 3 and 4 don't seem to work for me. Anyone else? 

They seem to be extracting fine on my machine.

Did you try redownloading the files?

And are they named right?

If you want, here's the list of names and sha1sums I got for the files available for download (and don't worry, sha1sum is just a way to compare files, and no copyrighted data is included):

15d8e2dc2953eb2ced24daa08275c851788f6337  FirstTasteV1.part01.rar

1edc250c978268d1d2c74415f2fee248c7eccfb5  FirstTasteV1.part02.rar

3cea4dc95a9a1a2462f62f158daba4ae1de7c5d3  FirstTasteV1.part03.rar

abb415c35aab15b9f8dd9ab3cd676706f2e0e2dd  FirstTasteV1.part04.rar

1d963448369089c709776e76c564bf39774bbafe  FirstTasteV1.part05.rar

880a83ebc3644f919e331f9f777f3e22129e4fa0  FirstTasteV1.part06.rar

45367056a5600e944f6fee022888f26dd12a9087  FirstTasteV1.part07.rar

76c34c23d453c9c67e987352333d8d58f8f0c99d  FirstTasteV1.part08.rar

f8e5257fb4e13f4dfe05fcf4817b61585219a59d  Quest2 Build_1.5.part1.rar

2924a5fbeb5767bd51e50fa5b4dcbe97c3c30b29  Quest2 Build_1.5.part2.rar

c71d1edae0f7f01a3a3df0dac5f56aa9721ee59e  Quest2 Build_1.5.part3.rar

fbe12611c68bd13658e9f0d81b4b560878f399fb  Quest2 Build_1.5.part4.rar

Why can't i play the game i downloaded all the files and i unpacked it 

and now?

why so many files?

all of them are the same

can you sent me an img on discord so i can see what you mean?  Shallteir#3304

ive sent you a friend request on D

future builds will allow mouse and keyboard

I read that in the past but since now is the future why is it still written there? :P

Half kidding. Looks interesting & will keep an eye on it.


Is there any detailed instruction to make this work. i cant get this to work with my rift


Was really looking forward to playing this, but downloads 2-8 fail to extract saying the file type is not supported. Any fix to this



The audio sounds like it's coming from the wrong place. When I'm looking straight ahead at the movie, the sound is all in my right ear. If I turn my head so the sound is centered (or turn with the analog stick), the sound is fine but then I obviously can't see what's happening.

I'm on valve index.

Hello, Is there a way to hide the UI (The play, pause, CC, etc) buttons on rift s? Its kind of jarring and takes me out of the experience to have it floating in the middle of the scenes.

Thank you


I have the same problem with Valve Index.  This ruins the experience.

Press the trigger button


Love this so far, but can't hide the in video player for some reason. Any fixes for this? 

Using the Oculus Quest 2 with PC link. Runs just fine, but none of the controller buttons hide the video player bar.

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A quick fix for this problem is to start the video while on one side of the room and them move across the room irl. The video player controls will stay in place, but everything else moves with the headset. Essentially side-stepping the video player. 

i'll look into it an get an update out!

I have the same problem. I tried remaping the Oculus touch controler profile in Steam VR with no success. Linking the "Hide video player control" to another button than the grab trigger in the program would probably solve the issue. Thanks.

a build has now been added for quest 2

is it going to be working for the quest?

a build has now been added for quest 2

does it work for oculus quest?

no sorry


a build has now been added for quest 2

When i try to install the game it says its hosted by an incompatible third-party website.

can you message me a screenshot thats very odd

ah right ok that was an itch setting ive changed it now should work i think 


I just tried to install it and I don't know if it's a me problem or not.


Hey, picked this up in the bundle! I love the animation and everything looks great, and sounds as good. I'm just having trouble getting the "player" to disappear. The box that has the volume, play, pause, etc. 

Is that possible to remove? I don't see it in the provided screenshots on the page here.

yes you can its the side button

awesome! thanks for the reply - i have an index and i guess i just wasn't squeezing. love the art, incredible!

glad you like it! 

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

why the game disapeared from steam 

steam doesn't like video focused products X_X